December 2012 Meeting Recap

Hello all,


It goes without saying that this past meeting was a success.  Sure it was a little cramped (final head count was 48), but like always, we made due.  Almost every sample made it to everyone and at the end we were in good spirits.  However, we canít escape the fact that we have grown; and I see this is a good thing for everyone we bring in delivers to us a unique knowledge of the craft we all love.


Nonetheless, because of our size we would like to offer a friendly reminder that if you would like to bring a sample to club to shoot for the 2 Liter mark (which is about a growler, 12 pack, or 3 bombers).  This will ensure that there is plenty to go around and will also prevent the chorus call of "short pour!"


Cellar Master's Notes:

December 2012


Secretary's Notes:

December 2012


Another friendly reminder:  The Christmas party is this Saturday!!!


When: Saturday December 15th from 5:00 until whenever.
Where: Chris and Kristine Lovett's 

What to bring: Dish to pass if you like and any fermented beverage you wish to share.
White elephant gift exchange: Want to participate? Simply bring a wrapped gift and somebody (to be determined) will guide you where to put it until the fun begins.


On another note, being that we are all part of the homebrew club, I feel that I should mention that there is a new beer bar in Chico named The Handlebar.  The reason I am mentioning this is because their Grand Opening is This Friday!  Located at the old Quiznos by Tong Fong Low on E 20th St., they are being called Chico's first specialty beer bar.  It might be worth it to check it out.


Here is some more information if you are interested:


Draft Beer Menu

Grand Opening Flyer


Well that is all I have for you this evening.  If you are coming to the Christmas party I will see you there!  If you're not going to make it then Happy Holidays and I will see you Next Year!!


Best Regards,


Blake Morillas

Club Secretary