Wow..what an incredible weekend! The Fest was fantastic! There was a lot of food and a ton of beer! I heard tell that there were about 300 kegs...that's about a keg per person! Our club had 37 taps out on Saturday, plus we served 8 kegs at Hoppy Hour on Friday! The Abbotts and Satres did a terrific job with the Hoppy Hour! The food was so fabulous that it was gone within minutes of hitting the table.

Friday's Club Zymurgy Dinner was hugely successful with plenty of good eats! I did have to make a few menu changes due the nonavailability of some items and the incompatibility of some of the beers with the food. (sounded good on paper, but didn't work so well in the food) Dinner was a SN Pale Ale Brine Chicken, an Old Rasputin Meatloaf with Old Rasputin Tomato Glaze, a Brown Gravy to go with Jerry's Potato and Parsnip Mash, Green Bean Casserole, Garden Fresh zucchini, and Tossed Salad. For dessert, Nena made Milk Stout Chocolate Cupcakes! Of course there were plenty of Home Brews to go with the meal!

Saturday started off with a Champagne and Beer Breakfast at the York's Camp! They served up some Belly Bustin' Breakfast Burritos! That fueled us up enough to get down to the field to set up our booth. Needless to say, the Pouring Woman and Dog were a hit! The Pouring Woman was the Driver for Pink Chevy, passengers could step on the gas peddle and have their beer poured from her ample busim. The Pouring Dog (or Poor Dog) was dressed up with a pink poodle costume! I almost felt bad for it! Our booth was one of the busiest at the fest! Along with the grand selections of beer, we had tons of food! Sliders, hot dogs, pinwheel wraps, corn salad, pulled pork, zucchini muffins, beer breads, jello shooters (beer of course), popcorn and more that I can't remember off the top of my head! We even served Moonshine Porter Ice Cream Floats (or root beer) to help beat the heat of the day!

The NCHO Board had an informal meeting with a couple of the Club Reps to get some feedback on the festival. Somethings that are being considered are the use of the empty field next to the festival as "overflow" camping, to accommodate the growing numbers of festival goers. There were some discussions about the method of selling tickets, and the "reserving" of spaces by showing up a day or two early and/or taping off several conjoining sites for their club. (we were not guilty of this, we did our best to fit our club members in as they arrived)

Around 5pm, everyone gathered at the big tent to hear the results of the various competitions and for the final raffle drawings. While we didn't walk away with the Best Beer Award, we did win Best Food! The noise and chaos of the tent made it hard to hear who the other winners were, but I believe Best Beer went to Wizards of Wort. After the winners were announced the drawing for the grand raffle prize (a 12 Gal Conical Fermenter) was held...and...for the third a was won by a Chico Home Brew Club member! Congrats and Good Brewing goes out to....Mike Daniels!

Sunday brought about the bleary eyed breakdown and clean up of the fest and camp sites. Time to start thinking about next year! The Theme is Founding Fathers, start researching and looking up some of those early American recipes!

Thanks to everyone that attended for their contribution to another fantastic festival. See you at the next meeting, October 6th